Sentence Examples

  • The pulleys, which are made as large as possible up to zo ft.
  • These constellations were arranged in three concentric annuli, the northern ones in an inner annulus subdivided into 60 degrees, the zodiacal ones into a medial annulus of 1 zo degrees, and the southern ones into an outer annulus of 240 degrees.
  • Five equilateral triangles covertically placed would stand on a pentagonal base, and it was found that, by forming several sets of such pyramids, a solid could be obtained which had zo triangular faces, which met in pairs to form 30 edges, and in fives to form 12 vertices.
  • She told Le Clerc that after Locke's return from exile, " by some considerably long visits, he had made trial of the air of Otes, which is some zo m.
  • I 1, 19, zo, 22; cf.

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