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  • The result is calculated by means of the formula: _ W0 +at) X 7,980,000 D (p +pI - s) [m { 1 + a (t - to) } - m l { 1 + y (t - to) } 1(I + yt)' in which W=weight of substance taken; t= temperature of vapour bath; a =0.00366 = temperature coefficient of gases; p= barometric pressure; p i = height of mercury column in vessel; s= vapour tension of mercury at t°; m= weight of mercury contained in the vessel; =weight of mercury left in vessel after heating; R = coefficient of expansion of glass = 0000303; y = coefficient of expansion of mercury =o 00018 (0.00019 above 240°) (see Ber.
  • 1 '7.1.:xC)yt:tt-4 ia.r.A 1+ii?i R--a 1 1 11 X.14 rC :C: I '1.(1)0 ('3 .i 0 ',KN.
  • The second conjugation has for endings -of, -ot, -ddo, -ddi; -om, -och, -ddynt; the third -yf, -yt, -ddo, -ddi; -ym, -ych, -ddynt.
  • Ster ' ?, d C h Yt r o o l:idror..o,: Avo K' t.
  • ` s Nevern Newpp p ua h ltey i yt i Llanllwni ?, ?

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