Sentence Examples

  • The interior of the church was packed with bodies writhing to the deafening, throbbing music.
  • Jonny was on a low, flat rock, making love to a woman writhing in pleasure beneath him.
  • He tried to visualize her morphing into a wolf, writhing in pain as she transformed, foaming at the mouth, snarling.
  • He knelt on the ground and closed his eyes, seeking out the writhing darkness of his demon side.  If the demons had the power to transform and fly, he could access his demon powers, too, even if the Immortal side of him was bound by Death's underworld.     "Berries," Toby commanded the tree before him.
  • The tree lowered a branch to him, and he wrapped his arms around it.  It was warm and writhing, and one small branch wrapped around him to keep him secure as it shifted him upwards.  Toby broke through the treetops and gasped.

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