Sentence Examples

  • C/i, epidermis; st stoma; me,, mesophyil; pal, palisade; spa, spongy tissue; Isp, inteicellular space; wi., water tissue; x, xylem; p/i, phioem; Phil, phloeoterma; sri, scierenchyma.
  • Introductory: Abrahams, Short History of Jewish Literature (London, 1906); Steinschneider, Jewish Literature (London, 18 57); Winter and Wi nsche, Die jitdische Literatur (Leip;ig, 1893-1895) (containing selections translated into German).
  • - If W 1 is the weight of the train in pounds and a the acceleration in feet per second, the force required to produce the acceleration is f = Wi a / g (19) And if V is the average speed during the change of velocity implied by the uniform acceleration a, the rate at which work is done by this force is fV= W1Va /g (20) or in horse-power units Time occupied in the change - 13 - 0 113.
  • The next emanation after Yoshamin is "the messenger of life" (Manda d'hayye, literally yvC61s Tits wi s), the most important figure in the entire system, the mediator and redeemer, the Xbyos and the Christ of the Mandaeans, from whom, as already stated, they take their name.
  • In a state of steady motion d4- 121 _S22 Tit °' - fl 4=1G = nt, suppose, S21 -F9,277 = S2co, d4 a2+c2 WI- 1 a2-c2S21' _ 2a 2 SZ dt a2+c2cos' a 2 + c 2 a, 2 a 2 S2 I- a2_c22--a2+C2,0, 1a2 c2)2 (a 2 -c 2) (9a2-c2) ?

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