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  • The forests contain a great variety of useful woods, affording excellent timber; among the commonest trees are the yellow wood, which is also one of the largest, belonging to the yew species; black iron wood; heavy, close-grained and durable stinkhout; melkhout, a white wood used for wheelwork; nieshout; and the assegai or Cape lancewood.
  • In wheelwork of this kind the contact of each pair of teeth commences at the foremost end of the helical front, and terminates at the aftermost end; and the helix is of such a pitch that the contact of one pair of teeth shall not terminate until that of the next pair has commenced.
  • Trains of Wheelwork.Let A1, A2, A3, &c., A,,,_1, A,,, denote a series of axes, and aj, a1, a3, &c., a,,,1, a,,, their angular velocities.
  • Alexander Bain in 1846 suggested enclosing the wheelwork in the rotator.
  • In Thomas Walker's harpoon or frictionless log, introduced in 1861, the wheelwork was enclosed in a cylindrical case of the same diameter as the body of the rotator or fan, and the latter was brought close up to the register, forming a compact machine and avoiding the use of the 6-ft.

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