Sentence Examples

  • He apparently owned several buildings he was leasing out on the coast - warehouses, maybe?
  • Large warehouses in the city of London carry on the trade and frequently supply Lancashire with her own goods.
  • They have now been relegated to the warehouses of undertakers, where they serve as bearers for folks too poor to employ cat~ialques, their place on the roads and in the streets having been completely taken by the jinrikisha, a two-wheeled vehicle pulled by one or two men who think nothing he of running 20 m.
  • There are many large warehouses, rum distilleries, sugar-mills and railway machine-shops.
  • In 1099 the Pisans joined in the second crusade, proved their valour at the capture of Jerusalem, and derived many commercial advantages from it; for within a short time they had banks, consuls, warehouses and privileges of all kinds in every Eastern port.

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