Sentence Examples

  • The sulphur is dissolved by superheated water forced down pipes, and the water with sulphur in solution is forced upward by hot air pressure through other pipes; the sulphur comes, 99% pure, to the surface of the ground, where it is cooled in immense bins, and then broken up and loaded directly upon cars for shipment.
  • The wheat is shovelled into the pathway of the huge steam shovels, which draw it up to the ends of these spouts, where the buckets seize it, and carry it upwards into the elevator, and distribute it among the various bins according to grade.
  • In France this slaking is conducted systematically by the makers, the freshly burned lime being sprinkled with water and stored in large bins where slaking proceeds slowly and regularly until the whole of the surplus uncom bined lime is slaked and rendered harmless, while the cementitious compounds, notably tricalcium silicate, remain untouched.
  • A and B, Bins for stock for immediate use.
  • The winter stock of materials is drawn from the left-hand row of bins, and distributed over immense stock piles by means of the water in the tank EE.

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