Sentence Examples

  • Plants, many of which, such as wallflower, stock, mustard, cabbage, radish and others, are well-known garden or field-plants.
  • When the fruit is several times longer than broad it is known as a siliqua, as in stock or wallflower; when about as long as broad, a silicula, as in shepherd's purse.
  • Matthiola graeca (Wallflower-lvd.
  • Cheiranthus Cheiri (Wallflower): hardy, 11 to 2 ft., red, purple, yellow, &c.; really a perennial but better as a biennial.
  • Grandiflora; the double Bellis perennis or Daisy; the Wallflowers, including Cheiranthus Cheiri (the Common Wallflower), C. alpina and C. Marshallii; Hepaticas, the principal of which are the varieties of H.