Sentence Examples

  • Vulturidae, Old World vultures, excluding Australia.
  • Among birds of prey, four vultures are found, including the common scavengers (Gyps indicus and G.
  • The fishing vulture (Gypohierax) is found in all the coast districts, but true vultures are almost entirely absent except from the north, where the small brown Percnopterus makes its appearance.
  • Thus he separates the birds of prey into three great groups - (I) the ordinary Diurnal forms, including the Falconidae and Vulturidae of the systematist of his time; but distinguishing the American Vultures from those of the Old World; (2) Gypogeranus, the secretary-bird; and (3) the owls (q.v.).
  • These are to be left on the appointed places (dakhmas) and exposed to the vultures and wild dogs.

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