Sentence Examples

  • Cellulose, the material of which vegetable cell-walls are almost universally composed, at any rate in their early condition, is known to occur, though only seldom, among animal organisms. Such forms as Volvox and the group of the Myxomycetes have been continually referred to both kingdoms, and their true systematic position is still a subject of controversy.
  • In the Algae, such as Fucus, Volvox, Oedogonium, Bulbochaete, and in the Fungus Monoblepharis, the spermatozoid is a small oval or elongate cell containing nucleus, cytoplasm and sometimes plastids.
  • Syncrypta volvox, Ehr.
  • Uroglena volvox, Ehr.
  • (b) Locomotiva: Hydra, Pennatula, Taenia, Volvox, Furia, Chaos.

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