Sentence Examples

  • OSTROGOTHS, or East Goths, one of the two main branches into which the Goths were divided, the other being the Visigoths, or West Goths.
  • In 407 a multitude of Franks, Vandals, &c., burst over Gaul: Roman rule practically ceased and the three kingdoms of the Visigoths, Burgundians and Franks began to form.
  • After the fall of the Roman empire the city passed into the power of the Visigoths, and rapidly declined.
  • In 39 6 he fought in Greece against the Visigoths, but an arrangement was effected whereby their chieftain Alaric was appointed master of the soldiery in Illyricum (397).
  • It is now certain that the earliest written code of the Visigoths dates back to King Euric (466-485).

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