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  • The depopulation of Spain dates certainly from the Moorish conquest, possibly from the earlier Visigothic invasion.
  • The Barbarian Invasion and the Visigothic Kin gdom.With the irruption of the Vandals, the Suebi and the Alans, the history of Spain enters on a long period of division and confusion which did not end even with the union of the chief kingdoms by the marriage of Isabel]a and Ferdinand at the close of the 15th century.
  • From this date till the very end of the reign of Amalaric (5r1 531), the seat of the Visigothic kings was at Bordeaux, or Toulouse or Narbonne, and their main interests were in Gaul.
  • But the continued existence of the obscure Suevic kingdom in the north-west, the effective independence of several districts, and the rule of others by the Roman senators, proves that the regions actually under Visigothic rule were not extensive.
  • Amalaric (50753) fled from Narbonne, to meet the usual violent end of a Visigothic king at Barcelona.

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