Sentence Examples

  • Ver, " he beats "; veret, " he causes to beat "; vereget, " he beats repeatedly "; verint, " he beats a little "; verhet, " he can beat "; the mode of expressing possession by the tenses of the irregular verb lenni, " to be " (viz.
  • We may note the universal Li occurrence on the lower surface of the thallus of fixing ver and absorbing rhizoids in accordance with the terrestrial Worts.
  • Radula with ver y numerous marginal teeth arranged like the rays of a fan.
  • - The plane of the articulation of the appendages of the 1st pair to the prosoma horizontal, the basal segment projecting ver tically downwards, at least at its proximal end, the distal segment II III IV V VI? ?.I?!1?1UII!119N; / I II III IV V VI 2 3 4 II FIG.
  • As the ring is moved from 0 to 0' in time t, with velocity Q, and angular velocity R, the components of liquid momentum change from aM'U +E and SM'V along Ox and Oy to aM'U'+ and /3M'V' along O'x' and O'y', (I) the axis of the ring changing from Ox to O'x'; and U = Q cos 0, V = Q sin 0, U' =Q cos (o - Rt), V' =Q sin (0 - Rt), (2) so that the increase of the components of momentum, X 1, Y 1, and N1, linear and angular, are X 1 = (aM'U'+ 0 cos Rt - aM'U - - 1 3M'V' sin Rt =(a - (3)M'Q sin_(0 - Rt) sin Rt - ver Rt (3) Y 1 = (aM'U'+) sin Rt-[-13M'V' cos Rt - (3M'V = (a - (3) M'Q cos (0 - Rt) sin Rt +t sin RT, N1=[ - (aM'U'+E) sin (0 - Rt)+ 1 3M'V' cos (o - Rt)]OO' = [- (a - 1 3) M'Q cos (o - Rt) sin (o - Rt) - sin (o - Rt) ]Qt.

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