Sentence Examples

  • The Hebrew and probably the Phoenician name for 0 was Ain (Ayin), and in the Semitic alphabet, which does not indicate vowels, the symbol stood for a "voiced glottal stop" and also for a "voiced velar spirant" (Zimmern).
  • The velar tenuis q, when labialized, became qu, without labialization became k; the velar media g became b or g.
  • The pronunciation of the Semitic Koph (Qof) was that of a velar guttural produced against the back part of the soft palate with great energy (hence called an "emphatic" sound).
  • The velum is also provided with a circlet of twelve tantacles (in some species sixteen) which hang backwards into the pharynx; these are the velar tentacles.
  • We do not, however, know that the initial sound of this word was originally a Velar q, and Professor Ridgeway (" Who were the Romans," London, 1908,1908, in Proceedings of the British Academy, iii.

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