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  • From the moment that such former revolutionists as Sagasta, Ulloa, Leon y Castillo, Camacho, Alcnzo Martinez and the marquis de la Vega de Armijo declared that they adhered to the Restoration, Canovas did not object to their saying in the same breath that they would enter the Cortes to defend as much as possible what they had achieved during the Revolution, and to protest and agitate, legally and pacifically, until they succeeded in re-establishing some day all that the first cabinet of Alphonso XII.
  • Found a very willing minister for foreign affairs in the person of the marquis de la Vega de Armijo, who cordially detested France and cared as little for Great Britain.
  • The death of Sagasta, on the 5th of January 1903, temporarily brcke upthe Liberal party, which could not agree on a leader; its counsels were directed for the time by a committee, consisting of Seors Montero Rios and Moret, the marquis de la Vega de Armijo, Seor Salvador and Count Romanones.
  • Already, on the 27th of November, Lopez-Dominguez had resigned; his Vegade successor, Moret, had at once suffered defeat in the 4rmiJo house and been succeeded in his turn, on the 4th of Ministry, December, by marquis de la Vega de Armijo.
  • They fought out the old tribal rivalries of Arabia on the banks of the Guadalquivir and on the Vega of Granada: They planted the Berber down on the bleak, illwatered, and wind-swept central plateau.

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