Sentence Examples

  • Three hymns in the Rig Veda are addressed to him.
  • Unlike the modern Hindus, the Aryans of the Veda ate beef, used a fermented liquor or beer made from the soma plant, and offered the same strong meat and drink to their gods.
  • Buddhism repudiated the authority of the Veda, but found it needful to supply its place; and the word of the omniscient Teacher, faithfully reported by his disciples and guaranteed by concurrent traditions, became the rule of belief for the new Order.
  • In the Rig Veda, Aryaman- as a deity is most frequently coupled.
  • Heitsi Eibib was born in a mysterious way from a cow, as Indra in the Black Yaj;'r-Veda entered; nto and was born from the womb of a being who also bore a cow.