Sentence Examples

  • The vats are also provided with false bottoms, outlet cocks, steam pipes and so forth.
  • Both fixed and rotating vats are employed, the chlorination proceeding more rapidly in the latter case; rotating barrels are sometimes used.
  • Moreover, the high potential difference between the terminals of the series tank introduces a greater danger of shortcircuiting through scraps of metal at the bottom of the bath; for this reason, also, lead-lined vats are inadmissible, and tarred slate tanks are often used instead.
  • It consists of a number of tanks or " vats," placed at the same level and connected by pipes which reach nearly to the bottom of one tank and open out at the top into the next tank.
  • The wet alkali-waste as it comes from the lixiviating vats, is transferred into upright iron cylinders in which it is systematically treated with lime-kiln gases until the whole of the calcium sulphide has been converted into calcium carbonate, the carbon dioxide of the lime-kiln gases being entirely exhausted.

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