Sentence Examples

  • This "vagina" is sometimes of exaggerated size.
  • In B it is also joined by a paired vagina (kk) and by the "vitello-intestinal duct" (Laurer's canal), f.
  • The cerci are nearly always joined, and a typical insectan ovipositor with its three pairs of processes is present in connexion with the vagina of the female.
  • The two ducts continuous with the gonads open by a common vagina on to the exterior behind the male pores.
  • It has been compared with the canal of Laurer of Trematodes (the vitello-intestinal duct of the ectoparasitic flukes), but if we take the more primitive Cestodes, and especially Aniphilina, into consideration we find that they possess, in addition to the uterus, an anterior vagina (usually present in Cestodes) and a posterior one.

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