Sentence Examples

  • His coins of 270 struck at Alexandria bear the legend v(ir) c(onsularis) R(omanorum) im(perator) d(ux) R(omanorum) and display his head beside that of Aurelian, but the latter alone is styled Augustus.
  • +a�xn multiply each side by I +px, thus introducing a new quantity A; we obtain (1 +a1x) (1+a2x)...(1 -Fanx)(1+,ux) = 1+(a1 +1a)x + (a2+1aa1)x2+...
  • With #=o, the stream is parallel to xo, and 4)=m ch (n-a)cos = - Uc ch (n-a) sh n cos /sh (n-a) (22) over the cylinder n, and as in (12) § 29, =-Ux =-Uc ch n cos t, (23) for liquid filling the cylinder; and _ th n (14) 01 th (7 7 - a) ' over the surface of n; so that parallel to Ox, the effective inertia of the cylinder n, displacing M' liquid, is increased by M'thn/th(n-a), reducing when a= oo to /If' th n = M' (b/a).
  • When the liquid is bounded externally by the fixed ellipsoid A = A I, a slight extension will give the velocity function 4 of the liquid in the interspace as the ellipsoid A=o is passing with velocity U through the confocal position; 4 must now take the formx(1'+N), and will satisfy the conditions in the shape CM abcdX ¢ = Ux - Ux a b x 2+X)P Bo+CoB I - C 1 (A 1 abcdX, I a1b1cl - J o (a2+ A)P and any'confocal ellipsoid defined by A, internal or external to A=A 1, may be supposed to swim with the liquid for an instant, without distortion or rotation, with velocity along Ox BA+CA-B 1 -C1 W'.
  • = constant, _ ff 00 NdA N BA-AA X - JA (a' +X) (b 2 +A)P - abc' a2 -b2 ' and at the surface A = o, I I N Bo-A 0 N I R - (a2+b2) abc a 2 -b 2 abc a2b2 I /b 2 N = R I /b2 - I /a2 abc I 1 I Bo - AO' a 2 b 2 - a2 b2 a 2 b2 = R (a 2 - b 2) /(a 22 + /b2) 2 - r (B o - Ao) U Bo+Co - B I - CI' Since - Ux is the velocity function for the liquid W' filling the ellipsoid A = o, and moving bodily with it, the effective inertia of the liquid in the interspace is Ao+B1+C1 Bo+Co - B1 - C, If the ellipsoid is of revolution, with b=c, - 2 XBo - - C BI' and the Stokes' current function 4, can be written down (I) is (5) (7) (6) The velocity function of the liquid inside the ellipsoid A=o due to the same angular velocity will be = Rxy (a2 - b2)/(a2 + b2), (7) and on the surface outside _ N Bo -Ao c1)0xy abc 2 62' so that the ratio of the exterior and interior value of at the surface is ?o= Bo-Ao (9) 4)1 (a 2 -6 2)/(a2 + b) - (Bo - Ao)' and this is the ratio of the effective angular inertia of the liquid, outside and inside the ellipsoid X = o.

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