Sentence Examples

  • Hence, if p is the maximum value of the mean effective pressure corresponding to about 85% of the boiler pressure,, uW = pd 2 le /D (26) is an expression giving a relation between the total weight on the coupled wheels, their diameters and the size of the cylinder.
  • 16 54" (1655); "Tractatus duo, prior de cycloide, posterior de cissoide et de curvarum turn linearum dthivvec turn superficierum RrXarva,uw" (1659); "Mechanica, sive de motu tractatus geometricus" (three parts, 1669-1670-1671); "De algebra tractatus historicus et practicus, ejusdem originem et progressus varios ostendens" (English, 1685); "De combinationibus alternationibus et partibus aliquotis tractatus" (English, 1685) "De sectionibus angularibus tractatus" (English, 1685); "De angulo contactus et semicirculi tractatus" (1656); "Ejusdem tractatus defensio" (1685); "De postulato quinto, et quinta definitione, lib.
  • 'Air6X X uw,'AirEX X wv), in Greek mythology, one of the most important and many-sided of the Olympian divinities.