Sentence Examples

  • When heated with urea, it forms oxalyl diureide, H 2 N [[Coco.
  • Phys [2], 8, p. 235) concentrates the urine and precipitates the urea by nitric acid.
  • Alkaline hypobromites or hypochlorites or nitrous acid decompose urea into carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
  • CYANAMIDE, NC NH 2j the amide of normal cyanic acid, obtained by the action of ammonia on cyanogen chloride, bromide or iodide, or by the desulphurization of thio-urea with, mercuric oxide; it is generally prepared by the latter process.
  • Ethyl nitrate, C2H5.0N02, is a colourless liquid which boils at 86.3° C. It is prepared by the action of nitric acid on ethyl alcohol (some urea being added to the nitric acid, in order to destroy any nitrous acid that might be produced in secondary reactions and which, if not removed, would cause explosive decomposition of the ethyl nitrate).

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