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  • The deity most worshipped at Thespiae, according to Pausanias, was Eros, whose primitive image was an unwrought stone.
  • Lord Avebury regards it as a temple of the Bronze Age (150o - 1000 B.C.), though apparently it was not all erected at one time, the inner circle of small unwrought, blue stones being probably older than the rest (Prehistoric Times).
  • Of the total exports that of timber, wrought and unwrought, represents 50%; the other principal exports with approximate percentage are: iron and steel 13.5, iron ore 3.6, machinery and implements 3.2, and other iron and steel goods 2.7; butter Io; paper 3.4; carpentry work 3; matches 2.3.
  • They were usually set up under a holy tree to commemorate a divine epiphany and were mostly unwrought (Exod.
  • The bishop and clergy choose a suitable spot, and erect twelve large stones unwrought and unpolished around the central rock of the altar, and on these the walls of the church are laid.

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