Sentence Examples

  • The effect of an external circulation of vortex motion on the motion of a cylinder has been investigated in § 29; a similar procedure will show the influence of circulation through a hole in a solid, taking as the simplest illustration a ring-shaped figure, with uniplanar motion, and denoting by the resultant axial linear momentum of the circulation.
  • Uniplanar Motion.
  • - In the uniplanar motion of a homogeneous liquid the equation of continuity reduces to du dv dx' dy-O' u= -d,y/dy, v = d i t/dx, (2) surface containing so that we can put _ (6) (9) we have (I) (2) (5) (I) where 4 is a function of x, y, called the streamor current-function; interpreted physically, 4-4c, the difference of the value of 4, at a fixed point A and a variable point P is the flow, in ft.
  • In the equations of uniplanar motion = dx - du = dx + dy = -v 2 ?, suppose, so that in steady motion dx I +v24 ' x = ?'
  • The curves 0 = constant and 4, = constant form an orthogonal system; and the interchange of 0 and 4, will give a new state of uniplanar motion, in which the velocity at every point is turned through a right angle without alteration of magnitude.

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