Sentence Examples

  • Prince Milan was educated in the political school favourable to Russia, and unhesitatingly followed the Russian lead up to the conclusion of the preliminary treaty of peace between Russia and Turkey at San Stefano.
  • Where he finds things which would obviously clash with the customs of his own day, he unhesitatingly modifies them.
  • Sumner had always prized highly his popularity in England, but he unhesitatingly sacrificed it in taking his stand as to the adjustment of claims against England for breaches of neutrality during the war.
  • Accepting unhesitatingly the leadership of Garrison, and becoming like him gradually a disunionist, he lived essentially a platform life, interested in a variety of subjects, but first and chiefly an abolitionist.
  • Indeed it was freely admitted by the most learned men of the middle ages and Renaissance that celibacy had been no rule of the apostolic church; and, though writers of ability have attempted to maintain the contrary even in modern times, their contentions are unhesitatingly rejected by the latest Roman Catholic authority.3 The gradual growth of clerical celibacy, first as a custom and then as a rule of discipline, can be traced clearly enough even through the scanty records of the first few centuries.

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