Sentence Examples

  • It might take some getting used to at first, but with positive encouragement from your partner, you may find that you love these new and exciting undies - you might not ever go back to tighty whiteys!
  • These sexy yet comfortable undergarments resemble shorts tap dancers wear while practicing their routines, hence the name, and can be worn alone or over a pair of more revealing undies.
  • Low rise thongs are perfect with low rise jeans, and they can actually prevent you from flashing your undies as opposed to the regular thong or bikini cut which can encourage it.
  • Men's Underwear Store - Gentlemen, if you're looking for a sexy pair of undies for yourself (or for the benefit of your loved one) you'll find it here at Men's Underwear Store.
  • Department stores, such as Walmart and Target, offer inexpensive undies, but lingerie stores such as Victoria's Secret generally offer a greater variety and bolder selections.

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