Sentence Examples

  • They are: Melvin Underbelly (gluttony), Oberon Greenhaze (sloth), Sir William the Black (lust), Goldo Golderson (greed), Jewel the Thieving Hero (envy), Kahn the Warrior (wrath), and Wizard (pride).
  • Design: The arms of these sunglasses are black, save for the red Prada logo that's located at the temple, but the inside, or underbelly, of the arms are coated in a vibrant red.
  • Femme: Femme is lovable and fashion forward because while the outside of the sunglass is done in a solid red frame, the underbelly of the sunglass contains gold polka dots.
  • Some of these parents have gone beyond just buying Star Wars bedding to actually constructing a bed that is part of a Y-wing bomber or the underbelly of an Imperial Walker.
  • The sand-covered wood flooring has long since rotted away, exposing the maze-like underbelly where slaves and animals were kept, ready to be release to attack gladiators.

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