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  • AS, the Roman unit of weight and measure, divided into 12 unciae (whence both "ounce" and "inch"); its fractions being deunx i 2, dextans, dodrans 4 i bes 3, septunx T7-2-, semis z, quincunx A, triens 3 i quadrans 4, sextans s, sescuncia $, uncia r i g.
  • Hence we see that it probably passed from the East through Greece to Etruria, and thence became the standard foot of Rome; there, though divided by the Italian duodecimal system into 12 unciae, it always maintained its original 16 digits, which are found marked on some of the foot-measures.
  • It is usually the case that a unit lasts later in trade than in coinage; and the prominence of this standard in Italy may show how it is that this mina (18 unciae = 7400) was known as the "Italic" in the days of Galen and Dioscorides (2).
  • The same passed into Italy and Corfu (44), averaging 6000 -- divided in Italy into unciae (1/12), and scripulae (1/288) and called litra (in Corfu?).
  • A duck-weight of Camirus, probably early, gives 8480; the same passed on to Greece and Italy (17), averaging 8610; but in Italy it was divided, like all other units, into unciae and scripulae (44).

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