Sentence Examples

  • Uncia, twelfth part, of weight, of a pound, of measure, of a foot, in which sense it gives the O.Eng.
  • (2) A name properly applied to the Felis uncia or snow leopard.
  • It also passed into Italy, but in a smaller multiple of 35 drachmae, or 1/4th of the Greek mina; 12 Italian weights (44) bearing value marks (which cannot therefore be differently attributed) show a libra of 2400 or 1/4th of 9600, which was divided in unciae and sextulae, and the full-sized mina is known as the 24 uncia mina, or talent of 120 librae of Vitruvius and Isidore (18) = 9900.
  • Chron., 1871, 42), apparently the Roman uncia inherited.
  • Uncia, a twelfth part; cf.

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