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  • Umm. Well, I think something like 50% of marriages fail - maybe more.
  • Donald, this is Carmen Pulock ... umm, I mean ... what is your name now?
  • The name is preserved in a small Roman site in the neighbourhood, Umm Lakis, which probably represents a later dwelling-place of the descendants of the ancient inhabitants of the city.
  • Another Laodicea " by the sea " (ad mare), also of Seleucid foundation, is probably to be identified with the ruined site called Umm el-`Awamid, near the coast between Tyre and Akko; several Phoenician inscriptions have been found there (e.g.
  • The commander marched from Syria through El- Arish, easily took Farama or Pelusitim, and thence proceeded to Bilbeis, where he was delayed for a month; having captured this place, he proceeded to a point on the Nile called Umm Dunain, the siege of which also occasioned him some difficulty.

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