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  • 100 a 25): UuXXoyta/JOS io-r io-rt V'yos Ev Tebevtwv 'TEpbv TWU Ka k tbcov Ei; avicyK9]s o'uµ13acva TW Taira Eivac, " a syllogism is an argument in which, certain things being posited (the premises), something other than the premises necessarily results from their being true."
  • A plane frame which can be built up from a single bar by suc cessive steps, at each of which a new joint is introduced by tw new bars meeting there, is called a simple frame; it is obviously just rigid.
  • 24a 18-20, EvXXoylv / u6s SE EvTI A6yos v w Tenvtwv Tlvwv ETEpOv TL TWV KElybkl.11, QVayKflr dvµ(3aLVEl TW Tavra a The equivalent previously in Topics boa 25 sqq.
  • De Officiis (Ilepi TW V '040cxicov), a sketch, written in an unattractive style, of court and higher ecclesiastical dignities and of the ceremonies proper to different occasions.
  • In ordinary texts some survive, especially as objects of verbs, namely, wL, tw, tn, 1w, at.

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