Sentence Examples

  • In another a flock of vultures is feeding on the bodies of the fallen enemy; in a third a tumulus is being heaped up over those who had been slain on the side of Lagash.
  • TUMULUS, a Latin word meaning a heap or mound, also used in classical writings in the secondary sense of a grave.
  • In the latter case, if the tumulus of stones covers a megalithic cist or a sepulchral chamber with a passage leading into it from the outside, it is often called a dolmen.
  • These were entirely subterranean, and little is now to be seen on the site but a great tumulus, the Cucumella, and a few smaller ones.
  • The tumulus, which is crowned with a chapel, was excavated by Rene Galles in 1862; and the contents of the sepulchral chamber, which include several jade and fibrolite axes, are preserved in the museum at Vannes.

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