Sentence Examples

  • Each of these periods, which is denominated a tsee, is subdivided into two equal portions called chung-ki and tsie-ki, the chung-ki denoting the first half of the tse, and the tsie-ki the latter half.
  • The tse or " stations " were referred by E.
  • 2 Projected upon the ecliptic, these were considerably unequal, and the tse accordingly differed essentially from the Chaldaean and Greek signs.
  • The twenty-four tsieki or demi-tse were probably invented to mark the course of weather changes throughout the year.
  • (1902), I, P. 475, figs.; (25) idem, Recherches morphologiques et experimentales sur le trypanosome du Nagana ou maladie de la mouche tse-tse," Ann.