Sentence Examples

  • These maladies are caused by minute unicellula animal parasites (haematozoa) of the genus Trypanosoma (see Trypanosomes); and recent investigations have shown that, under normal conditions, the particular species of Trypanosoma concerned (T.
  • TRYPANOSOMES, Or Haemoflagellates, minute Protozoan parasites, characterized by the possession of one or two flagella and an undulating membrane, and specially adapted for life in the blood of a vertebrate.'
  • Trypanosomes were first met with in cases of disease by Griffith Evans, who in 1880 found them in the blood of horses suffering from surra in India.
  • Trypanosomes were next seen in human blood 1 Trypanophis, although lacking (so far as is known) a haemal habitat, is included here, since it is undoubtedly closely related to Trypanoplasma.
  • Woodcock's " Trypanosomes," in the Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science.

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