Sentence Examples

  • TRYPANOSOMES, Or Haemoflagellates, minute Protozoan parasites, characterized by the possession of one or two flagella and an undulating membrane, and specially adapted for life in the blood of a vertebrate.'
  • Trypanosomes were next seen in human blood 1 Trypanophis, although lacking (so far as is known) a haemal habitat, is included here, since it is undoubtedly closely related to Trypanoplasma.
  • Woodcock's " Trypanosomes," in the Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science.
  • Trypanosomes are harboured by members of all the chief classes of vertebrates with the exception of cyclostomes.
  • In considering the occurrence of Trypanosomes in mammals, careful distinction must be drawn between natural or true hosts, which are tolerant of the parasites, and casual ones, which are unaccustomed and unadapted to them.