Sentence Examples

  • The ever-growing online auction site is a treasure trove of architectural salvage, new building supplies, and the down right quirky items that make a room your own.
  • Consignment shops--those that specialize in maternity clothes, children's clothing, and generic--are a treasure trove of exceptional buys for the expectant mother.
  • The South seems to be a veritable treasure trove of haunted phenomena, and it is here that fans of the paranormal can find real haunted houses in Georgia.
  • Whether you want to advancea fledging professional photo career, or you have just segued into the market after taking related college courses, digital photo books can be a treasure trove of practical information.
  • However, what many shoppers do not realize is that specialty stores, like bridal stores, pageant stores and boutiques, can be a real treasure trove of lower priced but high quality petite sized formal garments.