Sentence Examples

  • According to the legend it was founded by the Trojan Antenor.
  • In the Trojan War he takes the side of the Greeks, because he had been cheated of his reward by Laomedon, king of Troy, for whom he had built the walls of the city.
  • According to the story, Evander left the Arcadian town of Pallantion about sixty years before the Trojan War and founded Pallanteum or Palatium on the hill afterwards called the Palatine.
  • The western pediment, which is more conservative in type, represents the earlier expedition of Heracles and Telamon against Troy; the eastern, which is bolder and more advanced, probably refers to episodes in the Trojan war.
  • EUPHORBUS, son of Panthoiis, one of the bravest of the Trojan heroes, slain by Menelaus (Iliad, xvii.