Sentence Examples

  • Agamemnon sends an embassy by night, offering Achilles restitution and full amends - Achilles refuses.
  • Tariff, and in the seven financial years from 1900-1907: the British ship " Agamemnon," both being war-ships lent for the purpose by their respective governments.
  • By Clytaemnestra, Agamemnon had three daughters, Iphigeneia (Iphianassa), Electra (Laodice), Chrysothemis, and a son, Orestes.
  • Menelaus succeededTyndareus, and Agamemnon,with his brother's assistance, drove out Aegisthus.
  • But Agamemnon had offended the goddess Artemis by slaying a hind sacred to her, and boasting himself a better hunter.

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