Sentence Examples

  • Thus, associ- 1~e] ions of Agropyrum (Triticum) junceum, of Carex arenaria, of ~ ~nmophila (Psamma) arenaria, and of other plants occur on sa rid dunes: the associations are related by the general identity ph the habitat conditions, namely, the physiological dryness f d the loose soil; but they are separated by differences in f~1
  • MAIZE, or Indian Corn, Zea Mays (from ea or "eca, which appears to have been " spelt," Triticum spelta, according to the description of Theophrastus), a plant of the tribe Maydeae of the order Gramineae or grasses (see fig.
  • 5) Triticum (fig.
  • But it is usual to find, besides the basal glumes, a few other empty ones, and these are in twoor more-flowered spikelets (see Triticum, fig.
  • Triticum sativum is wheat (q.v.) (fig.

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