Sentence Examples

  • The tertiary arsines, such as As(CH3)3, trimethyl arsine, and the quaternary arsonium iodides and hydroxides, (CH3)4AsI and (CH3)4AsOH, tetramethyl arsonium iodide and hydroxide, have been obtained.
  • Campholactone, C9H1402, is the la.ctone of trimethyl-2.2.
  • For an isomer, isocampholactone (the lactone of trimethyl-2.2.
  • Lauronolic acid, C 9 H 14 0 21 is trimethyl-2.2.
  • Isolauronolic acid, C 9 H 14 0 2, is trimethyl-2.2.3-cyclo-pentene-3-acid-4.

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