Sentence Examples

  • One of the tribunes even threatened to put his veto on the bill, which was withdrawn before the voting took place.
  • But like the "Tribunes" and "Consuls" of the constitution of the year VIII., it was taken from.
  • In 75 he was consul, and excited the hostility of the optimates by carrying a law that abolished the Sullan disqualification of the tribunes from holding higher magistracies; another law de judiciis privatis, of which nothing is known, was abrogated by his brother.
  • Its utterances (plebiscite) had the full force of law; it elected the tribunes of the plebs and the plebeian aediles, and it pronounced judgment on the penalties which they proposed.
  • In 1350 Cola di Rienzi, "the last of the tribunes," was confined by the emperor Charles IV.

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