Sentence Examples

  • Parliamentary institutions annulled by the The concomplication of three assembliesthe Council of State aiftutlon which drafted bills, the Tribunate which discUssed oi the them without voting them, and the Legislative year VIII.
  • Tribunate, the platitudes of the servile Senate, the silence of the press.
  • The following year saw the work of Sulla undone; the tribunate was restored, and the administration of justice was no longer left exclusively to the senate, but was to be shared by it with the wealthier portion of the middle class, the equites and the tribuni aerarii.
  • A member of the council of the Ancients, then of the Tribunate, he was president of the latter when the peace of Amiens was signed.
  • Described the tribunate of Tiberius Gracchus, 133 B.C. In book lxxxix.

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