Sentence Examples

  • From 1720 to 1780 trekking had gone steadily forwards.
  • Brought up on the borderland between civilization and barbarism, constantly trekking, fighting and hunting, his education was necessarily of the most primitive character.
  • They fled from oppression; and thus trekking began, not in 1835, as is generally stated, but before 1700.
  • Moreover, the inadequate compensation awarded to slaveowners, and the suspicions engendered by the method of payment, caused much resentment, and in 1835 the trekking of farmers into unknown country in order to escape from an unloved government, which had characterized the 18th century, recommenced.
  • Their life of continual strife with natives, continual trekking to fresh pastures, had not been conducive to education or the enlargement of intellectual outlook.

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