Sentence Examples

  • In connexion with the cultivation of potatoes, factories are established for making spirits, treacle, potato-meal, and straw-paper.
  • Treacle and molasses are syrups obtained in the earlier stages of refining.
  • Lights are extinguished at night, to lay some treacle on a piece of wood afloat on a broad basin of water.
  • In earlier times the coquito palm (Jubaea spectabilis) was to be found throughout this part of Chile, but it has been almost completely destroyed for its saccharine sap, from which a treacle was made.
  • For statuary, and "undercut" work generally, an elastic mould - of glue and treacle (80: 20 parts) - may be used; the mould, when set, is waterproofed by immersion in a solution of potassium bichromate followed by exposure to sunlight, or in some other way.