Sentence Examples

  • These cabinets were generally taller than an average man and housed a monitor and deck where a joystick and buttons were placed (or a steering wheel, trackball, or a variety of other control mechanisms).
  • The clamshell design provides an external display for ease of information access and flipping the phone open reveals the same SureType keyboard, pearl-like trackball, and internal color display.
  • The 8830 also has the popular trackball for navigating through the on-screen menu, quickly scrolling through messages, scanning through web pages, and finding the appropriate applications.
  • The trackball of old has been replaced with a new optical trackpad, but RIM has retained the signature QWERTY keyboard for all your email and text messaging needs.
  • As one of the best free games for BlackBerry Curve, this title gets you to control everyone's favorite yellow wedge using the trackball on your Curve.