Sentence Examples

  • To gain the most out of your purchase you can install the siding yourself, which is actually not too difficult for the average armchair handyman armed with a toolbox of standard tools.
  • Older children enjoy the Alpha Pig action figure that comes with a fully stocked toolbox or the Style and Pose Princess Presto who has an outfit for every occasion.
  • From smoothing foundation, to plucking stray eyebrow hairs, a lighted cosmetic mirror with a high level of magnification is a must for every woman's beauty toolbox.
  • Based on my past experiences with the brand, I was very excited to try the Master Toolbox and see if it could, effectively, become my go-to cosmetic palette.
  • Toolbox: The toolbox window gives users unfettered access to each of the GIMP photo editor tools such as brushes, erasers, clone tools, and text tools.