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  • A general formula by which these numbers could be derived was invented by the Arabian astronomer Tobit ben Korra (836-901): if p = 3.2 m - I, q= 3.2 m - 1 - 1 and r = 9.2 2m - 1 - I, where m is an integer and p,q,r prime numbers, then 2 m pq and 2 m r are a pair of amicable numbers.
  • 1007), Rene Descartes, to whom the formula of Tobit ben Korra is sometimes ascribed, C. Rudolphus and others.
  • The identification with the Asmodeus of Tobit iii.
  • The extant writings of the Jewish sages are contained in the books of Job, Proverbs, Psalms, Ben-Sira, Tobit, Ecclesiastes, Wisdom of Solomon, 4th Maccabees, to which may be added the first chapter of Pirke Aboth (a Talmudic tract giving, probably, pre-Christian material).
  • Angels occur only in Job and Tobit, and there in noteworthy characters: in Job they are beings whom God charges with folly (iv.

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