Sentence Examples

  • Or because of the proportionality of the sides of triangles to the sines of the opposite angles, sin TOB: sin TOA: sin AOB:: a: ~: y, (8 A~
  • Suidas enumerates other works of Pappus as follows: XWpoypacliia obcov i Gepck'iJ, Eis TA 740'6apa Ot13Xia IIToXEµaiov y y6X'Yfs 157r6Avfµa, lroTa/.20US Tob Ev Ats15p, OPECpoKptrtK&.
  • Zutarta or Legah Tob of Tobiah b.
  • The Aramean states, Beth-rehob, Maacah, Tob, &c., lay partly to the north of Gilead and partly in the region which was the scene of the fight with Jabin (Josh.

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