Sentence Examples

  • Tis only the Persian stands between us and ruin is the reported saying of Busbecq, ambassador at Suleimans court on the part of Ferdinand of Austria; the Turk would fain be upon us, but he keeps him back.
  • Galen, in his work Ilepi Twv Tis LGuxiis nBWV, having discussed the nature and immortality of the soul, proceeds in ch.
  • (4) Tis 6 Lrwi"6ELevos 7rXouveos; Who is the Rich Man that is Saved ?
  • Diimmler opened tombs at Dali, Alambra and elsewhere, and laid the foundations of knowledge of the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age; 17 and Richter, on behalf of officials and private individuals, excavated parts of Frangissa (Tamassus), Episkopi and Dali.18 In the same year, 1885, and in 1886, a syndicate opened many tombs at Poli-tis-Khrysochou (Marium, Arsinoe), and sold the contents by auction in Paris.