Sentence Examples

  • He smiled as he began scratching the message in the tiniest letters he could muster at the very base of the pane—just as he had done on the other window, days earlier, after she'd left her ring on the kitchen counter to wash dishes.
  • Both drank their coffee black and although both took a doughnut, Mrs. Byrne simply picked at hers, lifting the tiniest of crumbs with dampened fingertips.
  • Sometimes she answered as if she were alone, talk­ing out loud, reminiscing, remembering the tiniest of details of a life now forever changed.
  • Only the tiniest shred of doubt remained in her mind, and that was probably born of wishful thinking, not logic.
  • All streams, from the tiniest rill to the greatest river, are continually engaged in transporting downstream solid particles of rock, the product of weathering agencies in the area which they drain.

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