Sentence Examples

  • It will be seen that (1) the increase in equivalent volume is about 6.6; (2) all the topic parameters are increased; (3) the greatest increase is effected in the parameters x and tG, which are equally lengthened.
  • Whilst Limulus agrees thus closely with Scorpio in regard to the VII?tg VII, The genital operculum.
  • But when the seer is exalted tg heaven he sees no trace of the turmoil on earth.
  • I it will be seen that in order to strike T the axis must be directed to G' at a height above T equal to TG, while the line of sight or line joining the notch of the tangent sight and apex of the dispart or foresight must be (/ ?` directed on T.
  • 3, if AN and NB are regarded as positive, then SF, TG, ET and SA are negative, but the products ET.

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