Sentence Examples

  • is one of the least offensive of these kinds of sites, with easily searchable sites (once the search box is located in the crowded design) and game categories such as strategy, adventure, and text-based.
  • Using the logos as badges means that anyone interested in finding you on a social networking site can easily find the one that appeals to them rather than searching through a series of text-based links.
  • The meaning of a text-based tattoo doesn't have to be any more or less obvious than a graphic tattoo; a couple of lines from your favorite poem can be just as cryptic as an image of something.
  • The term forum can also refer to a wide variety of other online tools including chat rooms and real-time video conferencing, but for this article the focus is on text-based group discussions.
  • Some people prefer the more graphical interfaces offered by Apple's iOS and Google's Android, whereas others may like the relative speed and text-based interface of the BlackBerry OS.